Coach AudioAmplifier 12.24


Coach AudioAmplifier 12.24


The Coach AudioAmplifier 12.24 has an output power of 2 x 20 watts. The amplifier has been designed for use with Coach MultiMedia systems from Bosch. The Coach AudioAmplifier 12.24 provides low-level inputs (ISO D1, D2, D5) and, in addition, high-level inputs (ISO D7-D10) that can be used, for instance, for connection to the loudspeaker outputs of the radio. Levels can be adjusted with the Audio Gain control. When the arrows are in the vertical position, this means that the factory preset gain settings are set. The rotation directions for increasing or decreasing the gain are indicated by the + and – symbols. The amplifier is switched on and off via the radio (ISO A5 or D6). To make microphone announcements, two dynamic microphones can be hooked up. For microphone announcements, the Coach AudioAmplifier 12.24 is switched to microphone mode. Microphone A has priority over microphone B. The volume level is set using the corresponding input control for microphone A or B on the amplifier. Optionally, it is possible to connect a level control for both microphones (ISO D3, D4). Microphone announcements can also be made when the radio is turned off. The amp needs sufficient ventilation. Therefore, be sure to mount it in a well-ventilated and dry place.

Technical data

Operating voltage: 12 V /24 V (10,8 – 32V)

Current consumption: min: (Standby mode) max: 0.3 A 4.5 A at 20 W

Nominal power: 2 x 20 W (4 W)

Speaker output: ≥ 4 W

Distortion: < 0.3 % (at 14 W)

Frequency range: 40 Hz – 10 kHz (-3 dB)

Trigger input: ISO A5 or D6: 12 V / 24 V

Trigger output:

Line D1/D2

For 130 mV at the input – 3.5V

For 365 mV at the input – 20W

Line D7 – D10L

For 408 mV at the input – 3.5V

For 1.2 V at the input – 20W

Microphone input:

Input sensitivity – 1mV

Impedance – 200Ω

Frequency response 150Hz – 6.5kHz

THD – ≤ 0.5 % (5W/1 kHz)

Optional level control – D3, D4 -Poti 10kΩ

Dimensions: 167 x 55 x 97.5 mm

Weight: approx. 670 g

Standards: E1, CE, RoHS


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