Blaupunkt Camper Radio/ Sound Module BPA 3022 M


Blaupunkt Camper Radio/ Sound Module BPA 3022 M


With the new „Blaupunkt BPA 3022 M“, everyone gets along wonderfully. At least when it comes to multimedia content in the caravan or camper. The new audio centre transmits signals from tablet, laptop, smartphone, MP3 player or USB stick to the appropriate output device in the camper – whether TV, Bluetooth speaker, headphones, integrated speaker or external amplifier.

Inside the vehicle, the volume of the connected speakers or the speakers that are connected to an external amplifier can be adjusted separately for the various zones. The maximum output power is 4 x 40 watts.

In addition, a Bluetooth connection is available that not only captures the signal but also transmits it. With the extraordinary audio transmitter function, the „BPA 3022 M“ is thus able to stream audio content via Bluetooth to external receivers, such as speakers located outside the caravan or camper.

And of course, the small intermediary is equipped with a high-end FM and AM tuner as well as DAB+ reception.

  • Digital audio module for installation in caravans, campers, etc.
  • DAB/ DAB+ tuner
  • RDS- FM/ AM- High Grade Tuner
  • Front USB for playback of media files such as MP3, WMA, WAV or FLAC incl. title display
  • Multizone function (Zone 1 + Zone 2 with separate playback volume control of the same audio source + BT Transmitter w.ext. volume control)
  • Bluetooth audio streaming (audio streaming from mobile phone with playback via the speakers connected to the unit)
  • Bluetooth Audio Transmitter (audio streaming of any audio source of the unit to external BT speakers)
  • 2x AUX- In (front + rear)
  • Headphone jack
  • HDMI Pass Trough (Front HDMI is output to rear connected HDMI for fixed devices like TV)
  • Subwoofer output, preamplifier outputs Zone1 + Zone 2
  • 4x 40 watts
  • 12 volt supply voltage


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