Viesa 12 Volt Motorhome Air Conditioner


Viesa 12 Volt Motorhome Air Conditioner


Thousands of units sold throughout Europe annually to satisfied motorhome owners, and now available in the UK for you to enjoy. The Viesa Holiday IIIs is a very efficient 12 Volt Air Conditioner (evaporative cooler) designed specifically for motorhomes, camper vans or caravans that uses the latest technology water evaporation to keep you cool and create a natural and immediate feeling of comfort and well being that you can use anytime, anywhere with or without an electric hook up please contact us today to find out more about how we can keep you cool with the Viesa Holiday 12 Volt Air Conditioner.

This 12 Volt Roof Top Air Conditioner is sure to be a firm favourite in the UK allowing you a greater freedom to stop where you please, and especially so for those travelling across Europe where high temperatures can become a problem and is especially suited to those who want an ecological cooler that can be used when not using expensive European Campsites and you choose to Free Camp or Wild Camp, or stay on Aires etc allowing you to stay cool without the use of expensive and power hungry inverters, and without the need to have the engine running, saving you money on running costs.

Travel free and easy with Viesa Holiday llls 12 Volt Motorhome Air Conditioning with prices starting from only £1350.00 plus installation.

If you want to enjoy the freedom of travel throughout the UK and Europe and stay cool then this is the solution for you. It does not continually recycle stale air, with all the negative health implications of a refrigerant gas type, but instead filters fresh air into your camper using only 12 volts, and can be used with windows open. Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about this unique cooling solution.


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