Caravans & E-Bikes

Any caravan or motorhome owner can attest to a sense of liberation which comes with travelling in one. It’s no surprise that far more holiday-goers are (quite literally) hopping on the UK holiday train, as it provides all the conveniences of home while allowing you to see plenty of new sights and scenery. Not to mention how appealing it would be to go on a holiday without constant testing and the anxiety of potentially getting stuck in the country you are visiting, the only way to avoid this…… STAY IN THE UK

While trailers and caravans are a fun and cost-effective way to travel around the UK and Europe, they are often not the greatest means of getting around small towns and villages. Taking the caravan or motorhome for a five-minute drive to the local shops or market is not quite as straightforward as it seems, particularly on those winding country roads. As a result, more motorists are investing in electric bikes and bringing them along for the ride!

Introducing Blaupunkt foldable E-Bikes

Blaupunkt introduces three new e-folding bikes with optimised LCD bicycle computers, even stronger brakes, stronger rear engines, and a new battery management system for optimal driving performance.


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E-bikes are now becoming increasingly popular, and the trend shows no signs of abating, and with the European market anticipated to massively increase in the next five years. As more people invest in renewable vehicles, questions about how they are being classified and their relative health implications versus a conventional bike remain.

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The efficiency of the way we travel is quite the topic and if we were to take a more detached view point to the situation

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Whether you are environmentally aware or not Global Warming is the hot topic that isn’t going away anytime soon predominantly because we are ebbing towards a global climate crisis that will directly impact each end every one of us. Future generations are going to reap the reward if we make the changes now, but now has become an urgency.

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